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  • RFID IOT Apps


    Based on the technology of RFID R/W, WSN, ZIGBEE, cloud computer, inbuilt product R&D, intelligent control, wireless communication etc. and ingerated with sensor detecting, auto control, wireless identification and location, information security, mobile computing etc. The RFID internet of things(IOT) applications realize the information networked gathering, processing, analysis, application and management. The products cover city (enterprises, campus) one-card-through system, mobile phone payment, status identification, vehicle guide, parking management etc. the applications cover vehicle access management, storehouse logistics, foods tracing, intelligent transport, and digital medical care.


    RFID application image

    Vehicle access management app

    Vehicle access app image

    The system adopts UHF RFID technology to manage the vehicles in realtime, the system functions vehicles access auto control, license plate identifying, parking fee collection, access logs, monitoring etc.

    Storehouse logistics app

    storehouse  logistic app

    The system solves the goods auto identification and visible supply chain management, goods type-in, distribution and integrated with users’ MIS, ERP or WMS systems.

    • To gather/analyse/process/identify/transmit the data of goods, vehicles and shelves;
    • To register the goods access, inventory, storage searching, lease term alarm etc. provide remote warehouse status query, account query, and goods position query;
    • To record the goods access, goods load/unload proccess, and combined with GPS, GIS to trace the goods in transit.
    Staff access/positioning system 
    staff access/positioning sys imagestaff access/positioning app
    The system functions staff monitoring, controlling and tracing under various environments, and informationized management. The system identification range is large and adjustable.The system provides staff access limit, attendance and operating monitor for adminstrators. The staff positions can be traced in case of emergency, and promote efficiency of rescue operation.