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  • Enterprises One Card System

    Enterprises one card solutions adopt advanced BUS integration technology and information integration technology to integrate the attendance management, access management and consumption management into one card, and achieve the information sharing via internal network, the system is staff info management carrier, also an important infrastructure of rear services.

    System Topology

    Smart enterprises system topology image


    Quick deploy and express installation
    One-click setup, three apps(attendance, access and consumption) installed together or optional.

    Mature products and perfect functions
    Plentiful clients application experiences, and the enterprises one-card system has powerful divisional management functions, consumption data is uploaded real timely, reportings are abandant and query is convenient. 

    Real E-purse
    The system is a real E-purse mode, and convenient.

    Powerful blacklist management 
    For the card loss report and card cancellation, the system adopts two-level management mode: the blacklists in batch or scattered.

    Secure data communication and collection mode
    The communication between monitor unit and POS is based RS-485, all the data frames adopt 16 bits CRC verification to ensure the data security.