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  • Gas Management

    Gas vending/management system

    The gas vending/management system is developed based on large database software, comprehensive management in computer covers all the vending operations in gas company. The meter can identify card's  validity, and the super administrator, administrator and operator's responsibility is distinct from one another. The Gas Meters from Metering Solutions, powerful functions, high security, and convenient operation, all these decrease the management cost, and stops the loopholes in gas management. 


    • Combined with reporting, repair claiming, meter reading, vending, charging, and security check;
    • Multi charging modes share the data platform(manual meter reading mode and smart meter reading mode);
    • Various meter manufacturers share the data platform for fees collection;
    • Business offices are networked to share the charging platform;
    • Cooperating banks share the data platform;
    • SMS group sending;
    • Tailored reportings/statistics, simple and available;
    • Multi authorization limits, and share data based on the authorization.

    Gas management structure

    Gas network iPMS

    Gas network intelligent patrol management system (iPMS) takes full advantages of computer, smart phone, GPS, LBS, 3G/GPRS wireless communication, and combines with existing GIS and CAD pipe network map data etc. A visualized electronic map of working conditions will be displayed to the inspectors in the worksite with convenient operability and dynamic show.

    The gas network iPMS is tailored for gas industry, features up-dated professional technology, and lowest cost to guarantee the security of gas network operation and to supervise the management information of the system.

    The system may inquiry whether inspectors in place or not, find worksite hidden troubles, supervise the construction, check the facilities and maintain the system operation, the controller will administrate the gas network remotely and conveniently via this iPMS system.


    Realtime control, inspection sites info collection, working plan download, task dispatching/ tracing, pipe routes edition, past records analysis, hidden troubles management, hidden troubles shooting reports, statistics/analysis reports, authorization management, patrolled facilities management, system setting, past records query, remote control and maintenance, SMS service, realtime communication.

    Gas management functions image

    Gas management functions image

    gas management functions image


    • Realtime trace/record/supervise;
    • Past records query and orbits replay for the inspection;
    • Hidden-trouble images reported and alert;
    • GIS and gas network map data integrated, the facilities are displayed directly;
    • Exact and quantified supervision and factual patrol plan drafted; 
    • Patrol data automatic analysis and statistics

    mobile phone gas management image 


    • GPS realtime location, improve the staff efficiency and response time, settle the emergency quickly;
    • Digitalized assessment for staff sign-in, task assignment, working status, effective management and saving costs;
    • Trace records, proof the management responsibility of gas company to avoid of government penalty; 
    • Hidden-trouble reported, and shot/marked at worksite to feedback spot status, and settle the hidden-trouble quickly; 
    • Focus on high risk network facilities and marks, enhance the patrol frequency of the high risk regions;
    • The supervision of third-party's construction, trace schedule everyday, and feedback spots status to guarantee the worksite supervision quality;
    • Illegal constructing exposure at worksite, systematic focus the issues, and eliminate the issues within the period to guarantee the network facilities security;
    • The project schedule under construction and the project quality are traced, and supervisors positioned, sheet is filled in worksite, and shot to guarantee supervision, and avoid of the hidden-troubles from source;
    • Resources integration and sharing, lead-in GIS data, pipe network distribution information carried with staff, query in time,  decrease  resources investment and improve the efficiency;
    • Various reports collection and analysis, customer-tailored personal, department, daily and monthly report forms.

    GPRS  remote data monitor system

    GPRS data monitor system

    It is an automatic management system integrating remote monitor, SCADA system and AMR system into one. The monitor system includes data collector, communication net(GPRS/CDMA platform), backstage monitor system. The accumulative consumption, pipe pressure, the data such as gas temperature, transient flow rate, device status etc. can be collected and transmitted to the control center, the center generates reportings, and monitors the valve remotely. Powerful compatibilty and extensibility covers various types of flow controller/ smart gas meter, SCADA system can be setup based on existing metering devices. The monitor system meets the various requirements from different aspects, and accomplishes a scientific management for gas metering.

    GPRS data monitor system topology

    Functions and features 

    • Monitor the flow controller's operating data (accumulative consumption, transient flow rate, gas pressure/temperature, operating status, battery level etc.)  
    • Remote  AMR function,Gas Metering Systems, be compatible with various types flow meters from different producers;
    • Valve is remote monitored, gas supplier has the initiative, and lower operating costs;
    • Gas consumption regular pattern is well known, adjust pressure and rushing, automatic alarm while over pressure or under pressure;
    • Built-in lithium battery to collect and keep the data over one week in case of power outage;
    • Multi power supply modes: electricity, solar energy and lithium battery etc.
    • Timely and valuble  data offered for administrator, gas operator, financial deparment and audit department.

    GPRS data monitor system software


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