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  • Financial Payment Solution


    The financial payment solution is applied to the bank IC card system for the multi applications such as public transport, social security, education, healthcare etc. the solution also provides micro payment and mobile payment value-added services for the consumers.

    Financial IC card operating platform structure

    financial payment structure

    IC card multi-function:

    Debit/Credit sort product
    A newly, high security payment method;

    E-cash product
    Seamless connecting with debit/credit product, it is an all-round micro-payment product;

    Contactless payment
    Contactless debit/credit app, contactless magnetic stripe app, and contactless quick debit/credit app;

    Identification product
    Integrated with the personal information of social security, medical care, accumulation fund etc. it is a second ID card;

    Mobile phone value-added product
    Integrated with mobile phone card to realize loading over air, OTA services etc.


    financial IC card apps