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  • Campus One Card System

    Campus one card system is a kind of school management system, refers to an integrated school management system servicing for cardholders based on the smart card, card reader and software platform. The cardholder completes all purchases and identifications on campus via the card, it is efficient, convenient and safe. The one card solution is an important part of campus digitalization and informatization infrastructures, and the system will provide comprehensive data management platform for the campus informatization construction, the system unified with administration information system and network will form a digital space and sharing environment.

    Project targets

    • School management system platform in view of cloud computing data center and internet of things as core;
    • Construct smart school and provide informationalized service for clients;
    • Establish a prospective, modularized and open type integrated smart school platform to achieve a multi-element administration system centering on people and things applications;
    • Core data, platform and application seamless connection, sharing information and data mining, policy decision functions provided. The facilities and resources availability improved;
    • Integrate various applications related with campus card and offer one-stop campus card service.

    System Solutions

    System management platforms


    System management platforms
    • Card affairs management platform;
    • Settlement platform;
    • E-payment platform;
    • Identification platform;
    • Self-service platform;
    • Operation&maintenance platform;
    • Value-added service platform.
    Micro-payment systems


    Micro-payment systems
    • General consumption management system;
    • Dining consumption management system;
    • Bank transfer system;
    • Wireless vehicle AFC system;
    • Unattended washing machine controller;
    • Copy & print system;
    • Computer room management system.
    Water/Electricity management systems


    Water/Electricity management systems
    • Split smart card water control system;
    • Compact smart card water control system;
    • Prepaid networked water meter management system;
    • Tri-phase electronic prepaid watt-hour meter;
    • Smart remote water meter management system;
    • Centralized electricity metering control system;
    • Prepaid smart card watt-hour meter system;
    • Prepaid networked watt-hour meter management system.
    Identification systems


    Identification systems