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    Citizen Card Solution

    Citizen smart card system is a government-led, market-oriented project, which is expedient for optimizing urban social public service procedure, achieving trans-regional, inter-departmental integration and sharing of resources, promoting rural-urban integration, and is associated with people's life and transport.

    Campus One Card System

    Based on the smart card, card reader and software platform. The cardholder completes all purchases and identifications on campus via the card, it is efficient, convenient and safe. Unified with administration information system and network, the campus one card system will form a digital space sharing environment.

    Public Transport Solution

    The intelligent public transport system is applied to public bus, tram, taxi, coach, public bike, ferry etc. It achieves the functions of automatic fare collection(AFC), intelligent dispatching, operation monitor, contingency plan, policy analysis, intercity connection etc.

    Enterprises One Card System

    Enterprises one card system adopts advanced BUS integration technology and information integration technology to integrate the management of staff attendance, access and comsumption into one card, and achieve the information sharing via internal network. It is an importrant infrastructure of rear services for enterprises.

    Financial Payment Solution

    The financial payment solution is applied to the bank IC card system for the multi applications such as public transport, social security, education, healthcare etc. the solution also provides micro payment and mobile payment value-added services for the consumers.

    RFID IOT Apps

    The RFID internet of things(IOT) applications realize the information networked gathering, processing, analysis, application and management, the applications cover vehicle access management, storehouse logistics, foods tracing, intelligent transport, and digital medical care etc.

    Utilities Payment System

    The system is a comprehensive service application for the payment convenience of residents. The cardholder or mobile phone holder can pay at supermarket, canteen, utilities of water/electricity/gas/CCTV areas etc. and also queries the related information unattended.

    Gas Management

    The gas management system is developed based on large database software, the sysem covers all vending operations in the gas company.Gas Meters from Metering Solutions, Powerful functions, high security, and convenient operations, all these features to decrease the management cost, and to stop the loopholes in gas management.