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  • Prepaid Watt-hour Meter

    Prepaid Watt-hour Meter


    • Advanced metering and control chips;
    • External EEPROM data storage, 10 years lifetime;
    • Download credit and measure the power consumption;
    • Overload and malignant load identified modules;
    • Multi-parameter display;
    • Calibrated by software;
    • Humanized power supply/interruption management;
    • Credit overdraft allowed for the customers consumption at first time.
    • Specs
    • Introduction
    Items Specifications
    Accuracy Class 1.0, conform to international standards for the basic errors, starting and creeping performance
    Operating voltage 0.70~1.15Un(155V----265V)
    Constant 3200imp/kWh
    Insulation test >2KV AC/1min
    Power consumption Voltage circuit<2W (10VA) Current circuit<4VA
    Anti-lightning voltage AC 6KV
    Dimensions 115mm*160mm*65mm
    Weight About 0.45Kg