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  • AMR Residential Gas Meter

    AMR Residential Gas Meter


    • Accurate gas metering;
    • Bi-directional comm,  network repeated meter reading;
    • Multi-layer data encryption and checkup, accurate data collection;
    • Very low power consumption design, static consumption<50µA;
    • Support portable POS,  collectors in buildings etc. 
    • Alkaline battery or lithium battery is optional;
    • Outdoor or remote meter-read operating data, and valve control functions.
    • Specs
    • Introduction
    Items Specifications
    Type R108-J1.6 R108-J2.5 R108-J4
    Nominal flow-rate (Qn) 1.6m³/h 2.5m³/h 4m³/h
    Max flow-rate (Qmax) 2.5m³/h 4m³/h 6m³/h
    Min flow-rate (Qmin) 0.016m³/h 0.025m³/h 0.040m³/h
    Basic errors Qmin<=Q<0.1 Qmax:              ±3%
    0.1Qmax<=Q<=Qmax:              ±1.5%
    Pressure loss <230Pa
    Operating pressure 0.5-20kPa
    Operating voltage 4.9-6.3V(LR6,1.5V×4)
    Static current <50µA
    Carrier frequency 433MHz
    Operating temperature -10°C~+40°C
    Thread distance 130mm