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    • Wireless Residential Gas Meter

      Wireless Residential Gas Meter

      • Support air vending;
      • Multi billing, Volume or money;
      • Tiered price, tariff adjustable;
      • Bi-directional communication;
      • Outdoor read operating;
      • Simple and direct info transmission; 
      • Prepayment or after payment optional;
      • Multi layer data encryption and checkup, accurate data collection.
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    • Dual-mode Residential Gas Meter

      Dual-mode Residential Gas Meter

      • Pre collection of gas fees, volume control;
      • Bi-directional comm., network repeated meter reading;
      • Multi layer data encryption;
      • Multi billing mode, volume or money;
      • Tiered price for gas, tariff adjustable;
      • Outdoor  read and  data operation, valve control.
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    • AMR Residential Gas Meter

      AMR Residential Gas Meter

      • Accurate gas metering;
      • Bi-directional wireless comm.;
      • Multi-layer data encryption;
      • Low power consumption;
      • Support portable POS,  collectors in buildings etc. 
      • Outdoor meter-read, and valve control.
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    • IC Card Residential Gas Meter

      IC Card Residential Gas Meter

      • Prepayment and controllable gas consumption;
      • Multi-settlement: gas volume or money;
      • Gas prepaid, valve-off if used up;
      • Valve-off if battery under voltage, or power-off;
      • Base meter, flow rate testing;
      • Various alarming/prompts;
      • Anti magnetic, data protection;
      • Anti fake-card attack.
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