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  • Substation Electrical Energy Remote Terminal

    Substation Electrical Energy Remote Terminal


    • Embedded realtime software platform based on RTOS ;
    • ARM9 micro processor, support DataFlash, NaridFlash, SD card etc.
    • 10M/100M self-adaption Ethernet;GPRS/CDMA, PSTN etc optional;
    • Special redundance mechanism and algorithm, support dual-redundant operation;
    • Multi-type and big qty meters can be read under substation for power management.
    • Specs
    • Introduction
    Items Parameters
    Collection mode Realtime, regular, auto reading supplement
    MTBF ≥80,000hr,annual availability≥99.99%
    Data storage 256MB(extendable)
    Power supply 220V, allowed deviation: -20%~+20%
    Power consumption Less than 10VA/phase
    Comm. channels RS-485 port: 4
    Local config RS232 port: 1
    RJ45 ethernet port: 1
    Environment Normal operating temp:-25℃~+65℃;
    Ultimate operating temp:-40℃~+75℃


    S/N   Items Terminal
    1 Data collection Energy meter data collection
    2 Data management and storage Realtime and current data
    Historic daily data
    Historic monthly data
    VIP clients collection
    Energy meter operating status monitor
    3 Param setting and query Clock measurement and correction
    Terminal param
    Meter reading param
    Other param
    4 Events log Important events log
    Common events log
    5 Data transmission Comm. to main station via ethernet
    Comm. via optical fiber
    6 Local functions Operating status indication
    Local maintenance port
    7 Terminal maintenance Self-check, self-recovery
    Terminal initialization
    Software remote download