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  • PLC Data Concentrator

    PLC Data Concentrator


    • ARM9 series embedded processor, high performance and low consumption. 
    • Support DataFlash, NarldFlash multi storage media;
    • RTOS  and embedded files system consist of real time software platform;
    • Large data storage supports large range, high accuracy data analysis;
    • Upward: GPRS, RS-485, wired phone;  Downward: PLC, low-power wireless;
    • Support software local download, remote download;
    • Support events active reporting, communication conflict treatment;
    • Outage data keeping and storage.


    • Specs
    • Introduction
    Items Parameters
    Collection mode Realtime, auto regular, or reading supplement.
    MTBF ≥80000h, anunal availability ≥99.99%
    Data storage capacity 256MB(extendable)
    Power supply 3-phase, 4-wire:3×220/380V, allowed deviation:-20%~+20%
    Power consumption Less than 15VA
    Comm. channels RS-485 port: 2
    Modulation infrared port:1
    Local comm. port: 1
    Remote comm. port: 1
    Local RS232 port: 1
    USB port: 1(Optional)
    RJ-45 port: 1
    Screen Matrix LCD. resolution:160×160
    Environment Normal operating temp: -25℃~+55℃;
    Ultimate operating temp: -40℃~+70℃;
    Pressure: 63~108kpa