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  • PLC Data Collector

    PLC Data Collector


    • ARM processing platform, guarantee the system speed, and data/program space expanding;
    • Multi-communication method: PLC, low-power wireless, infrared, RS-485;
    • Software local download, convenient updating & maintenance convenient;
    • Support events active reporting, and communication conflict disposing;
    • Outage data keeping and storage;
    • External ports isolated, reliable;
    • Multiple watch-dog.
    • Specs
    • Introduction
    Concentrator/collector config
    S/N   Items Concentrator Collector
    Standard Optional Standard Optional
    1 Data collection Energy meter data collection
    Status quantity collection
    AC analog qty collection
    2 Data management and storage Realtime and current data
    Historic daily data
    Historic monthly data
    VIP clients collection
    Energy meter status monitor  
    Energy metering under public transformer  
    3 Param setting and query Clock measurement and correction
    Terminal param
    Meter reading param
    Others(threshold, prepaid param etc.)
    4 Events log Important events log
    Common events log
    5 Data transmission Comm. to main station(or concentrator)
    Data transmission
    6 Local functions Operating status indication
    Local maintenance port
    7 Terminal maintenace Self-check/recovery
    Terminal initialization
    Software remote download
    Resume broken transfer
    Module info