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    • Wireless Residential Gas Meter

      Wireless Residential Gas Meter

      • Support air vending;
      • Multi billing, Volume or money;
      • Tiered price, tariff adjustable;
      • Bi-directional communication;
      • Outdoor read operating;
      • Simple and direct info transmission; 
      • Prepayment or after payment optional;
      • Multi layer data encryption and checkup, accurate data collection.
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    • Dual-mode Residential Gas Meter

      Dual-mode Residential Gas Meter

      • Pre collection of gas fees, volume control;
      • Bi-directional comm., network repeated meter reading;
      • Multi layer data encryption;
      • Multi billing mode, volume or money;
      • Tiered price for gas, tariff adjustable;
      • Outdoor  read and  data operation, valve control.
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    • AMR Residential Gas Meter

      AMR Residential Gas Meter

      • Accurate gas metering;
      • Bi-directional wireless comm.;
      • Multi-layer data encryption;
      • Low power consumption;
      • Support portable POS,  collectors in buildings etc. 
      • Outdoor meter-read, and valve control.
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    • IC Card Residential Gas Meter

      IC Card Residential Gas Meter

      • Prepayment and controllable gas consumption;
      • Multi-settlement: gas volume or money;
      • Gas prepaid, valve-off if used up;
      • Valve-off if battery under voltage, or power-off;
      • Base meter, flow rate testing;
      • Various alarming/prompts;
      • Anti magnetic, data protection;
      • Anti fake-card attack.
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    • Prepaid Water Meter

      Prepaid Water Meter

      • Switches on/off valve automatically;
      • Remote reading/control;
      • Credit prepaid, support refund and recharge;
      • Multi parameters display;
      • Low credit alarm, and credit overdraw;
      • Max allowed balance credit preset;
      • Lower power consumption.
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    • Prepaid Watt-hour Meter

      Prepaid Watt-hour Meter

      • Advanced metering&control chips;
      • External EEPROM data storage, 10 years lifetime;
      • Download credit and measure the power consumption;
      • Overload and malignant load identified;
      • Multi-parameter display;
      • Calibrated by software;
      • Humanized management;
      • Credit overdraft allowed for the customers consumption at first time.
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    • Wireless AMR Data Collector

      Wireless AMR Data Collector

      • Smart memory, form AMR records;
      • High accurate real time clock;
      • Double-channel monitor data;
      • Reliable lightning protection;
      • Seal design, PVC waterproof and flame resistance;
      • Modularized design, perfect interfaces, flexible communication modules configuration, support PLC various communication modes;
      • Interrupt and route automatically, extend the communication distance via the collector.
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    • GPRS Remote Data Monitor

      GPRS Remote Data Monitor

      • Apply to various smart flow meters;
      • Multi power supply modes;
      • Built-in lithium battery keeps data;
      • Monitor flowmeter's operating data.
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    • IC Card Industrial Gas Meter

      IC Card Industrial Gas Meter

      • Automatic management;
      • Prepayment, high security;
      • Detailed LCD displays;
      • PIN setting, one meter  one card;
      • Anti magnetic, data protection;
      • Anti valve-off if meter halts or overload;
      • Valve position detection;
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    • Remote Smart Industrial Gas Meter

      Remote Smart Industrial Gas Meter

      • Multi functional design;
      • Newly billing mode:  volume  or money, support tiered price;
      • Patent dual-mode technology.
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    • Smart Flow Controller

      Smart Flow Controller

      • Prepaid and automatic billing;
      • Charging based volume or money;
      • Remote AMR, various flow-meters integrated;
      • Compatibility and extensibility perfect;
      • Realtime monitor; 
      • Check and protection functions;
      • Emergency alert;
      • Remote control valve on/off, and priority is in gas supplier;
      • Micro consumption processor.
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    • Portable Collector

      Portable Collector

      • TFT LCD;  touch screen, digital keypad;
      • AMR tasks download, data upload;
      • Set and read meter data directly, control valve;
      • Perfect performance;
      • Big data storage;
      • Voucher printing at spot.
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    • Wireless AMR Concentrator

      Wireless AMR Concentrator

      • 10 years data storage;
      • Provide regular time data, realtime data, and past records;
      • Automatic searching collectors;
      • Perfect EMC and reliability, double WDT design;
      • High AMR success rate;
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    • PLC Module

      PLC Module

      • Powerful point-to-point transmission performance.
      • Self-adaption anti-disturbing technology.
      • Simple installation/arrangement.
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    • PLC Data Collector

      PLC Data Collector

      • ARM processing platform;
      • PLC, low-power wireless, infrared, RS-485;
      • Software local download;
      • Support events active reporting;
      • Outage data keeping and storage;
      • External ports isolated, reliable.
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    • PLC Data Concentrator

      PLC Data Concentrator

      • ARM9 processor, high performance;
      • Support multi storage media;
      • RTOS  and embedded files system;
      • Upward: GPRS, RS-485, wired phone; 
      • Downward: PLC, low-power wireless;
      • Local download, remote download.
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    • Substation Electrical Energy Remote Terminal

      Substation Electrical Energy Remote Terminal

      • Embedded realtime software platform based on RTOS;
      • ARM9 processor, support DataFlash, NaridFlash, SD card etc.
      • 10M/100M self-adaption Ethernet, large capacity;
      • Special redundance mechanism and algorithm.
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    • Wireless Data Repeater

      Wireless Data Repeater

      • Downward: RS485 or RS232;
      • Upward: 433MHz wireless;
      • Long distance communication;
      • Simple and convenient.
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      • Point to point communication;
      • RS232/485 and GSM network; 
      • Anti electromagnetic disturbance;
      • Replace PSTN-MODEM;
      • Wireless communication.
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