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  • Zigbee Router

    Zigbee Router


    • Industrial wireless module with perfect performance;
    • Low power consumption mode(include sleep mode);
    • Metal case, IP30 protection;
    • Wide range power supply: DC5-35V.
    • WDT design to ensure system stability;
    • 15KV ESD protection built-in RS232/RS485 port, and SIM/UIM card interface;
    • Reversal and over-voltage protection, built in power supply interface;
    • Smart data terminal, data keeps in transmission status after power-on;
    • Provide central management software(optional);
    • Specs
    • Introduction
    Items Specifications
    Standard IEEE802.15.4
    Frequency ISM2.4G
    Air transmission rate 250kB/s
    COM port default baud rate 115,200b/s
    RF transmitting power 22dBm
    Receiving sensitivity -102dBm
    Topology Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, mesh, automatic networking
    Parameters com. Mode RS232
    Channels 11-26
    Power supply 12V/1A
    Consumption <1W
    Installation Indoor