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  • Zigbee Module

    Zigbee Module


    • Small size;
    • High sensitivity;
    • Perfect link budget;
    • Long communication distance;
    • Conform to IEEE802.15.4
    • 4 Layers PCB. 
    • Specs
    • Introduction
    Items Q101A00 Q101A01
    Frequency 2400MHz-2483.5MHz
    Band qty 16
    Channel code 0B-1A(hex)
    Modulation O-QPSK, DSSS
    Topology Star/Cluster tree/Mesh
    Transmission power 2.5mW/4dBm 100mW/20dBm
    Receiving sensitivity -97dBm -103dBm
    Receiving current 26mA 31mA
    Transmission power 2.5mW/4dBm 100mW/20dBm
    Emitting current 35mA 150mA
    Power supply 2V-3.6V
    Standby current 2.5uA
    I/O Port 9GPIOs
    ADC input UART
    Weight 1.5g 2.0g
    Working temperature -20°C to +85°C
    R.H. <80%