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    • E-tag


      • Only 4.3mm thickness;
      • Print bar code and serial number, easier recognization;
      • Low consumption design, 5 years lifetime.
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    • Zigbee Router

      Zigbee Router

      • Perfect industrial wireless module;
      • Low power consumption;
      • Metal case, IP30;
      • WDT design, stable;
      • Anti-drop mechnisam;
      • 15KV ESD protection;
      • Reversal and over-voltage protection, built in power supply interface;
      • Smart data terminal, data keeps in transmission status after power-on;
      • Provide central management software(optional);
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    • 2.4GHz Active RFID Reader

      2.4GHz Active RFID Reader

      • Receive/Recognize e-tag information
      • Perfect anti-conflict function
      • Filter mechanism for repeated card numbers
      • Anti-dust, waterproof, IP66.
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    • UHF Desktop Card Dispenser

      UHF Desktop Card Dispenser

      • R/W EPC code in e-tag;
      • R/W data in customer data zone;
      • Access TID data and relevant information;
      • Read/Modify/Destroy the password;
      • Lockup and destroy the e-tag;
      • Anti-conflict, several EPC codes read timely; 
      • USB communication and power supply;
      • LED Indicates power supply and working performance of R/W device.
      • Buzzer prompts R/W status.
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    • UHF Remote 4-channel Reader

      UHF Remote 4-channel Reader

      • Four independent channels; recognization range increased, the hardware costs decreased;
      • 4 different-gain antennas can be connected externally;
      • Be compatible with 6B, 6C protocol;
      • Programme language SDK, easy upgrade;
      • Several interfaces, custom-made.
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    • UHF Remote Integrated reader

      UHF Remote Integrated reader

      • Integrated design, and support an external connected antenna, two antennas application;
      • AC 220V power supply;
      • Powerful anti-conflict, over 150 e-tags can be recognized at same time.
      • Repeated numbers of cards will be filtered;
      • Anti UV PVC antenna;
      • IP66 protection.
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    • Zigbee Wireless Base Station

      Zigbee Wireless Base Station

      • Low power; 
      • Small disturbance;
      • Wide band;
      • Stable air transmission.
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    • Zigbee Module

      Zigbee Module

      • Small size;
      • High sensitivity;
      • Perfect link budget;
      • Long communication distance;
      • Conform to IEEE802.15.4
      • 4 Layers PCB. 
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