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    On January 28, the first phase of the 2021 Technical Project Manager Promotion Forum of Xinkaipu was held. The forum aims to provide a platform for everyone to speak freely and help each other grow under the guidance of the corporate values of "innovatio...
    Recently, an article published on the China Education Network-"Case Sharing 丨 "Card-free" Campus, Service as Normal" and it is all over the moments on WeChat....
    The Spring Festival transport season in 2021 will be officially launched on January 28. However, due to the epidemic, some colleges and universities have put their winter vacations ahead of schedule. Many places have suggested that returnees "off-peak",...
    “There is no era of enterprise, only era of enterprise. The needs of society in different times are different. Only by standing on solid social needs, constantly identifying needs and integrating their own advantages, can continuous development be achiev...
    Recently, the "2020 Henan CIO Alliance Annual Conference" was grandly held in Dengfeng, the birthplace of Shaolin martial arts....
    The 4th Second Workers’ Congress of NewCapec was successfully held...
    On october 25th,2020, NewCapec held corporate culture press conference. Yang Weiguo, chairman of NewCapec formally released the newly upgraded corporate culture....
    On January 6, 2019, NewCapec and Ant Financial wholly owned subsidiary Shanghai Yunxin Venture Capital Co., Ltd. formally reached a strategic cooperation and Shanghai Yunxin became the second largest shareholder in NewCapec....
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