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  • The first phase of the 2021 Technical Project Manager Promotion Forum of Newcapec successfully held

    On January 28, the first phase of the 2021 Technical Project Manager Promotion Forum of Xinkaipu was held. The forum aims to provide a platform for everyone to speak freely and help each other grow under the guidance of the corporate values of "innovation and openness, co-creation and sharing". Exchange of ideas and warm discussion, break the communication barrier, broaden the technological horizon, and realize the integrated development and common improvement of multiple departments!

    Jiao Zhenghai, Vice President of Xinkaipu Group, Zheng Jiwang, Director of Smart Campus Application Group, Jibin, Director of Customer Service Center, other corporate figures, and more than 50 people from various departments participated in the forum.  The forum carried out online live broadcast with DingTalk in the whole process, so that people who were not present could listen and learn!

    This forum showcased the practical experience and implementation measures of product R&D from different paths and perspectives, emphasizing customer-centricity, opening minds to embrace change, enhancing product competitiveness and creating value for customers through hard-core technology, efficient collaboration, and extreme experience. In addition, Mr. Jiao Zhenghai also proposed "high-standard work", making high standards a habit, making excellence a standard, fulfilling the company's mission and realizing the company's vision.  

    At the end of the forum, the on-site participants also played a unique ' Say & Paint ' game, where one person says , and one person to paint. The winning team also got beautiful gifts!