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  • New Cape helps Nanjing Agricultural University fully realize the 'card-free ' campus !

    Recently, an article published on the China Education Network-"Case Sharing 丨 "Card-free" Campus, Service as Normal" and it is all over the moments on WeChat. The new "Campus Card" of "Smart NAU" WeChat and "Perfect Campus" App jointly created by Newcapec and Nanjing Agricultural University has been completed and put into use. It has fully realized the "care-free" campus, and has taken an important step towards the goal of a smart campus of non-face-to-face handling, ubiquitous services, and convenient use!

    In 2019, Newcaoec and Nanjing Agricultural University opened the road of co-construction of campus informatization. In 2020, under the decision of the Standing Committee of the University, they began to reconstruct the management and service process of campus card and fully promote the construction of “ card-free ” campus. The Nanjing Agricultural University campus card uses the "Smart Nannong" WeChat official account and the "Perfect Campus" app as the technology carrier platform, and uses mobile phones and portraits as the carrier medium, which completely subverts the original "one card" model of physical cards.

    In order to complete the full migration of the physical card to the virtual card system, Xinkaipu and Nanjing Agricultural University jointly conducted scientific demonstration and top-level design. After restructuring the service process, campus card type and management process, and optimizing the available ways of use, these functions not only include all the functions of the original physical card, but also have many advantages that the physical card cannot match.

    01 Analyze special scenarios and reconstruct service processes

    For special consumption scenarios such as bathing and opening water, the original system generates a 6-digit bath verification code to optimize the registered mobile phone number, which can solve the repeated problem of "bath code" and avoid the memory trouble of users. This ensures that users do not need to carry any media when they go to the bathing and boiling water scenes, and can directly use their mobile phone numbers.

    In line with the "no card", the campus card application, card issuance, cancellation, recharge, payment and other service procedures are restructured; the previous procedures for reporting the loss of physical cards, replenishing cards, and replacing cards are abolished; and the original loading function is adjusted and integrated into the virtual  bank card, WeChat, and Alipay transfer recharge in the card. Based on this, unseen, anywhere, ubiquitous services become the trend.

    02 Restructure the types of campus cards and associate various matters

    "No card" has also reconstructed the types of campus cards, creating an infinite space for "no card" applications, and truly becoming a link between various "people, money, and things" in the school. Currently, five types of "faculty and staff card", "student card", "alumni card", "temporary card" and "conference card" are supported. Teachers and students in school can bind or unbind the campus card on their mobile phones with only student ID and job ID; alumni, temporary personnel and conference personnel can apply for activation on the campus card exclusive page, and configure different usage rights according to their identities.

    The opening and use of various virtual campus cards provides great convenience for the campus life, work, and study of teachers, students and related personnel.

    03 Restructure the management process to save school costs

    The “no card” on campus reconstructs the original campus card management process, and solves the common problems of complicated tasks, inability to withdraw, and inefficiency that the campus card management department of colleges and universities has been facing, greatly reducing the workload and simplifying the management process. 

    The original card production of teachers and students and the waste of graduates ' IC cards have brought serious waste of manpower and card resources. ' No card ' saves a lot of physical card production and disposal costs.

    The "No Card" campus is an active exploration and attempt of Nanjing Agricultural University and NewCapec to promote the construction of a smart campus, leading the trend of "You can go all over the campus without a card".

    Taking the opportunity of the construction of smart campus and the "14th Five-Year Plan", Newcapec adheres to the corporate values of "customer-centric, innovation and openness, co-creation and sharing" to help the top-level design of smart campuses in universities and empower school informatization construction!