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  • Safety! Enter the station by face swiping, zero contact, help prevent epidemics during Spring Festiv

    The Spring Festival transport season in 2021 will be officially launched on January 28. However, due to the epidemic, some colleges and universities have put their winter vacations ahead of schedule. Many places have suggested that returnees "off-peak", which means that the Spring Festival may arrive early.

    With the rebound of epidemics in many places, the traditional manual ticket selling and checking are easy to contact, and the access information cannot be kept. When the population flow is large, it is also prone to congestion and difficult to ensure travel safety.

    In the face of increasing passenger flow, how can highway passenger transportation, known as the "capillary of China's traffic", ensure the safety of passengers and protect everyone's way home?

    Recently, Nanyang Wanyun Group South Railway Station has launched a ' magic weapon ' - - Newcapec Face Self-service Ticket Checking System, which not only improves and expands the station service function, but also provides more humanized, intelligent and high safety travel guarantee for passengers. 


    Nanyang Wanyun Group South Bus Station is located at a concentrated point of traffic. It is close to Nanyang Institute of Technology in the west and the entrance of National Highway 312 to the east. It is only 6 kilometers away from Nanyang Airport in a straight line. At present, the station has more than 280 vehicles in operation. Its train lines radiate to more than ten provinces and cities, and the average daily passenger flow can reach thousands of people. The launch of the "Newcapec Face Self-service Ticket Verification System" will help prevent and control the Spring Festival travel epidemic and allow passengers to travel safely.

    01  No need to manually check the ticket, just swipe the ID/ticket code

    The face self-service ticket inspection system on the line at the station, passengers do not need to pick up the ticket offline after purchasing the ticket online, and they can directly swipe their ID card when entering the station. Passengers who purchase tickets offline can use their ticket codes to perform code verification, reducing manual ticket checking procedures and providing passengers with zero-touch services.

    02  Enter the station by face swiping, accurate comparison, 3 seconds pass

    The station provides passengers with a self-service face-scanning entry service. When swiping the ID card, the face is quickly recognized, and the "person's ticket" is accurately compared. When the ticket code is swiped, the face is captured to achieve a 3-second pass. This process can effectively avoid crowding and cross-infection, and help station epidemic prevention and control. 


    03 Incoming personnel information is kept on file to form a closed data loop

    In the special period of epidemic prevention, the journey of inbound passengers will be automatically recorded and archived, which forms a closed-loop control of the whole process with face capture and witness comparison, so that the records can be traced, providing data analysis basis for later epidemic prevention and control and public security anti-terrorism pursuit in accordance with.

    The Nanyang South Bus Station not only improves the efficiency and experience of passengers in ticket checking and entering the station through Newcapec face self-checking system, but also makes the station management standardized and orderly, further improves the epidemic prevention and control standards, and builds a smart passenger transport management system.

    In fact, the General Office of the Ministry of Transport has issued relevant notices to improve the data support ability of the road passenger transport industry to cope with major emergencies.  It was decided to carry out the pilot application of e-tickets in some city passenger stations. The qualified pilot passenger stations should pass the "face recognition" system to check tickets and provide passengers with contactless services such as mobile terminal ticket purchase and ID card checking.

    The newly launched ' face self-service ticket checking system ' not only meets the requirements of ' no contact with the identity card and face recognition ' of the Ministry of Transport, but also customizes modules such as ' temperature measurement ', ' mask recognition ' and ' public security big data system ' to add layers of ' protective cover ' to passenger safety.

    During the Spring Festival, in addition to passenger stations, some venues and scenic spots with large crowds will also face the pressure of epidemic prevention and control. Newcape Face Self-service Ticketing System  can complete self-service and orderly ticket checking, and prevent epidemic temperature measurement to protect everyone ’ s access and exit safety.