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  • Yang Weiguo, Chairman of Newcapec: How to pinpoint social needs and create value for customers

     “There is no era of enterprise, only era of enterprise. The needs of society in different times are different. Only by standing on solid social needs, constantly identifying needs and integrating their own advantages, can continuous development be achieved.”

    On December 25, at the Youth Forum for Innovative Science and Technology Enterprises, co-sponsored by Henan Young Entrepreneurs Chamber of Commerce, Zhengzhou AI 100 Acceleration Camp and Walking Think and Enjoyment Conference, Mr. Yang Weiguo, Chairman of Newcape, delivered a keynote address to share entrepreneurial experiences, identify social needs, create value for customers and promote industry and social development.

    At the beginning of the presentation, Mr. Yang Weiguo first expressed his gratitude to all entrepreneurs for coming. He believes that Newcapec is a company that has been pursuing development. The biggest original intention is to use the power of technology to find sustainable needs, analyze and research the needs, and provide customers with advanced solutions and innovative and stable products and services.

    01  If an enterprise wants to develop, the key is to solve the core needs of customers

    Enterprises in the planning, must distinguish between career or business, if you only want to profit, not long-term ; To achieve development, the key is to address customer core needs. 

    We ' ve seen bank cards, student cards, bus cards before, but we ' ve never seen a card that integrates these functions, so we have a ' one card '.  Once the POS machine used in the school cafeteria is disconnected from the Internet or power, the students will not be able to eat, so we have a power storage IC card for offline payment.

    02 Creating and leading customer needs is the direction of our long-term efforts

    No enterprise era, only the era of enterprises. In order to lead in the industry, we must adhere to customer-centric process-driven, rapid response to customer needs, create and lead customer needs is the direction of our long-term efforts.

    One of the features of Newcapec is the multi-product construction system. From design, development to production, all products are independently created. Starting from demand, in continuous progress, innovation and persistence, customers ’ pain points are continuously found and solved, so as to obtain the leading position of the industry. 

    03  Technology reuse, multi-industry expansion, build a smart campus and help smart companies

    In the process of enterprise development, we discovered that technology has multiplexing functions. When product technology is applied well in one industry, different industries may be able to solve different pain points. With continuous exploration and product innovation, the all-in-one card can be used to reach smart campuses, perfect campuses, and campuses can also be extended to many industries such as government and enterprises, water conservancy, gas and electricity.

    Over the past two decades since its establishment, Newcapec has always inherited its own wisdom, steadfastly making products, and is committed to building smart campuses and helping smart companies with excellent ICT services, thereby promoting industry and social development!

    04   Speak freely, hope sharing will inspire young entrepreneurs

    At the forum, Mr. Yang Weiguo exchanged views with entrepreneurs on product development, technological innovation, financial management and corporate investment. His simple and humorous answers also won rounds of applause.

    In terms of investment, he also shared a special investment trick: don't invest in projects, but invest in people. The key to the success of a project depends on a person. Maybe he will fail once or twice. As long as he is an entrepreneur in his heart, he will succeed.

    Finally, Mr. Yang Weiguo hopes that his sharing can inspire and help young entrepreneurs. At the same time, he also hopes that young entrepreneurs will work hard to contribute to the country and society!