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  • Newcapec was invited to attend the 2020 Henan CIO Alliance Annual Conference and won the honor of ex

    Recently, the "2020 Henan CIO Alliance Annual Conference" was grandly held in Dengfeng, the birthplace of Shaolin martial arts. The theme of this annual meeting is "Aspiring Songyue, Discussing Dao, Number and Wisdom" , from retail, manufacturing, real estate, medical, More than 300 industry experts and CIOs from well-known companies in the fields of industrial Internet, logistics, smart cities, finance, energy and chemical engineering, and modern services came to the scene to discuss the value of informatization and digitalization for corporate transformation. As an enterprise intelligent service provider, Newcapec was invited to participate in the conference and won the honor of "Henan CIO Alliance 2020 Excellent Partner".

    At the annual meeting, Newcapec unveiled its smart enterprise solutions, and displayed various applications that integrate "card code face", such as large-screen face conference sign-in, face temperature measurement tablet, smart door lock, and face consumer terminal. The scene intelligent terminal has received strong interest and extensive attention from the participants.

    Over the years, based on the overall design idea of "data dynamics, scenario systemization, business logic algorithmization, and delivery serviceization", Newcapec has provided enterprises with a full range of intelligent and digital operation guarantee services through a variety of intelligent applications, helping enterprises achieve efficient office, smart life, three-dimensional security and data integration.

    Industry key customer case display

    01 All zones linkage, to see how high-end equipment manufacturing companies manage efficiently

    ZMJ is a leader in China's coal mining machinery industry. It has 28 production, R&D and sales bases in 17 countries around the world, and currently has more than 18,000 Chinese and foreign employees. From the employee's identity collection, identity verification, and data submission at the entry stage, to post-employment badge production, face information collection, face attendance, face access control, face gates, face ladder control, face consumption, wireless with networked door locks, visitor appointment management, apartment water and electricity management, vehicle identification management, mobile self-service and other applications, Newcapec helps ZMJ realize efficient management of enterprise parks and improve employee satisfaction.

    02  More than 200,000 people are interconnected, enterprise zones become home for life

    Caring for employees, people-oriented, centering on the food, housing and transportation of employees in the zone, and using information technology to improve logistics service capabilities and employee life experience. The global all-in-one card project built by Newcapec for Huawei has realized the interconnection of more than 200,000 people at home and abroad, meeting the demands of employees for health, safety, comfort, and convenience, making the corporate park no longer a pure physical space, but a temperature Life home.

    03 Security is integrated and controlled throughout the entire process,  "taking pictures of people passing by, leaving licenses for cars passing by"

    In order to improve the security level and traffic efficiency of Chongqing Great Wall, realize the docking of various identification terminals, and solve the problems of unified management of various resources, intelligent authorization and inability to link. Through the construction of an intelligent security system, Newcapec has achieved the application effect of "taking pictures of people passing by, leaving licenses for vehicles passing by" for Chongqing Great Wall, fully realizing the "intelligent management of people, vehicles and objects entering and exiting, three-dimensional face recognition coverage, personalized technical defense of important goals, diversified perimeter defense, and integrated management of the whole network. 

    04 Data fusion analysis to help customers achieve the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency

    The all-in-one card project created by Newcapec for China Nuclear Power is based on data elements such as business processes, consumption data, access frequency, etc., through big data analysis to form corresponding employee portraits to achieve operational collaboration and intelligent decision-making management. The relevant person in charge of China's nuclear power said frankly: "The all-in-one card project has not only improved the cohesion of the sector, but also greatly reduced the operation and management costs of the company.

    Newcapec partners:

    Up to now, Newcapec has served 10,000+ corporate customers. In the future, Newcape will continue to rely on its own technological research and development advantages and strong market service capabilities, and continue to iterate and upgrade its plans, provide more scenario-based and differentiated services for the construction of smart enterprises, and help more and more companies achieve a higher level of smart upgrading.