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  • The 4th Second Workers’ Congress of NewCapec was successfully held

     The 4th Second Workers’ Congress of NewCapec was successfully held

    The 4th session of the second workers’ congress of NewCapec Electronics Co., Ltd. was successfully held at NewCapec’s headquarters on April 27,2020 at 9.30 a.m. in the 618 convention hall of  Building 1. Li Junyan, Vice-President of Worker's Union, chaired the meeting and 64 staff representatives from various departments of the company participated in the meeting through on-site and video conferencing. 67 should attend this workers’ congress, and the actual attendees were 65 ( including: 43 on-site attendance, 22 through video attendance ), in line with the quorum.
    The workers’ congress was opened with the solemn national song. Mr. Yang Weiguo, the chairman and founder of NewCapec Electronics Co., Ltd., attended the meeting and addressed the conference. He affirmed the working of trade union and its role in company’s development.  He also clarified the responsibilities for company’s development and rights and interests of workers that staff representatives and members of trade union should take in the future, which pointed out the direction for the future work of trade union.
    The assembly reviewed eight management system documents newly formulated and revised by the company, including  “Measures for Administration of Financial Approval”, “Safety accident punishment management method”, “Measures for Quality Accident Management”,  “Attendance and leave management system”,  “Management of travel expenses”,  “Office job change transfer management regulations”,  “The management method of leaving procedure” and “Remove labor relations management regulations”. The formulation of these system documents aims to strengthen company management control and improve work efficiency. All participants carefully reviewed each system content and voted effectively through “dingtalk”. All eight system documents were considered and adopted.
    In this assembly, “ Staff Proposal Review Processing Scheme, Supplementary Staff Representatives and Trade Union Commissioner Results “ were published, which were recently completely. In the early stage, trade union commissioners classified all proposals submitted:
    ' 20th anniversary proposal ' was transferred to the company ' s 20th anniversary organizing committee;
    ' new park planning proposal ' was transferred to the new park construction management team; 
    29 proposals were related to company’s development, like trade union management, company management, working environment, company culture, learning and training, employee benefit. According to the division of responsibilities, proposals were allocated to department of human resources and Operation Management Department. 
    Some of the proposals are submitted to company managers for consultation and determination, and the final results  will be announced within the company.
    In the early part of the assembly, 15 supplementary staff representatives were elected by staff votes and Li Guorui and Yang Hongyan were selected as members of the Fourth Trade Union from the supplementary.
    Zhao Xin, Deputy GM and representative by trade union’s special invitation, read voting results of reviewed system documents and shared thoughts on company development, business growth, employee rights and benefits, and work effectiveness. He said he will support trade union work as always.
    On behalf of the Fourth Trade Union Commission, the President of the Trade Union Gi Bin made the presentation about “Trade union work report”. In the report, Gi Bin summarized the content, progress, achievements and award-winning results of trade union work in recent years, and made it clear that trade union was the bridge connecting enterprises and employees, and the catalyst for enterprise development and employee development. He said, in 2020, under the guidance of’ s mission,  vision and  values of the company , trade union will continue to closely contact employees, assistant company development and protect the rights and interests of employees and enterprises, so that to promote the win-win situation between enterprises and employees.

    Finally, Mr. Hua Mengyang, Vice-President of the Trade Union, made a summary statement to the assembly. After reviewing the establishment and development of the company ' s trade union team, President Hua once again emphasized the mission of trade union, which were care, growth and the bridge between employees and  enterprise.
    After group photography, the assembly ended in a pleasant atmosphere. The fourth session of the second workers ' congress of  NewCapec successfully concluded !