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  • NewCapec won Ant Financial Strategic Investment to build a new campus ecology

    On January 6, 2019, NewCapec and Ant Financial  wholly owned subsidiary Shanghai Yunxin Venture Capital Co., Ltd. formally reached a strategic cooperation and Shanghai Yunxin became the second largest shareholder in NewCapec. At the same time, Shanghai Yunxin invested CNY 250 million in Perfect Digital Union ( Beijing ) Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary controlled by NewCapec, with a shareholding ratio of 30 %. NewCapec, Shanghai Yunxin and Perfect Digital Union signed business cooperation agreements to deepen cooperation in all directions and jointly build a new campus ecology.

    On the basis of the advantages of the existing customer resources in the education informatization industry, application scenarios, service system and Internet of Things technology, NewCapec will  combine with Ant Financial’s advantages of  the Internet operation experience, technology, ecological system integration ability, the overall smart campus products and service capabilities, as well as its industrial Internet platform, SaaS service, innovation and operation ability in intelligent terminal series products to accelerate the transformation to service company in education information industry,  industrial internet, Internet of Things technology.

    As the leading enterprise of campus informatization, NewCapec has leading technical advantages and industry influence  in the field of campus. In recent years, it has also made fruitful explorations on the informatization of cities, enterprises and other industries. Ant Financial Services rank among the best in the Internet, big data, cloud computing, biometrics, artificial intelligence, science and technology, products, operations and so on. Combining high-quality technology and resources , both sides will develop extensive and in-depth comprehensive strategic cooperation, empower education with science and technology, and help the leapfrog development of campus informatization. 

    In order to give full play to the advantages of the Internet platform and brand value of the perfect campus, NewCapec set up its holding subsidiary of  Perfect Digital Union in 2018. Perfect Digital Union is committed to the deep integration with each vertical scene of the school, serving students ’ learning and life, campus life, education and training, internship and employment, and community services, helping colleges and universities  improve higher quality life management, teaching management, and talent growth management services, helping college students improve the quality of campus life, enhance employment ability and quality, and providing an effective connection platform for colleges, enterprises and society. It has become a co-builder of information ecology in colleges and universities.

    This increasing investment of Shanghai Yunxin  is a major strategic cooperation taken by NewCapec and Ant Financial around making the campus become a highland of science and technology application and innovation, and empowering students with science and technology to strengthen morality education and promote employment. Perfect Digital Union will combine the ecological system and scientific and technological ability of Ant Financial  to create a smart campus solution based on NewCapec product ability and service system, and build a complete set of scientific and technological systems to help students grow while exporting smart campus solutions.

    After this cooperation, Perfect Digital Union will integrate the industry ecology and make the ' Perfect Campus ' an official comprehensive service entrance and famous brand for Chinese college students. At the same time, Perfect Digital Union will integrate the advantages of business resources, improve the product and technology system, serve  students ' growth process, and become a talent service provider in student’s education. Perfect Digital Union will also integrate the advantages of shareholders, cultivate the industrial Internet, export advanced, safe and reliable scene service and information solution to various types of campuses, consolidate digital scene data, become an integrated operator of educational information, and provide higher quality services for college students.